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Archives for November 2012

Cochise: The Best Dog There Ever Was

Just about everyone thinks their dog is the best dog in the whole world. I won’t try to talk them out of that belief; it’s just that they did not have the blessing of knowing our dog, Cochise. There have been many dogs that have come through our family’s life. The following thoughts about Cochise […]

Article IV of the US Constitution: Obligations of the States & Federal Government

Articles I, II and III define the legislative, executive and judicial branches of government respectively. The US Constitution’s Article Four defines relationships among the governments regarding the following: recognition of each government’s official acts, how a State treats the citizens of another state, extradition of criminal fugitives, return of slaves, admission of new States, and […]

After 60 years, I Came to Really Know My Dad On November 20, 2012

I know every guy’s Dad is special, and of course, I’ve known my Dad all my life and have always loved him.  Dad’s 85 and in a single day, at 60 years old,  I came to know he has qualities I have never really understood or appreciated. I had always known he had been an All […]

The First American Christmas: The Battle of Trenton

In December, 1776 the British had driven Gen. George Washington and his men out of New York and across New Jersey. Things looked very bleak for the Americans. In their escape from the British the Americans commandeered every boat they could find to cross the Delaware River into Bucks County, Pennsylvania. They were starving, sick […]

Article III of the US Constitution: The United States Supreme Court

The United States federal government is divided into three branches, separating government’s principal powers among different actors. The Constitution defines the powers of each branch.  Article I defines the legislative, or congress. Article II defines the executive, or presidency. Article III creates broad outlines for the judicial, primarily the Supreme Court. Article IV defines the relations […]

The United States Felony Process

Americans are being locked up at ever increasing rates. Knowledge of the process leading to this result is important for all citizens. In 2008 the Washington Post reported that more than 1 of every 100 Americans was incarcerated. While there was a slight drop in Americans in jail or prison in 2011, the United States […]

The Role of Law Enforcement in Domestic Battery and Domestic Violence

Some states refer to the crime as Domestic Battery, some as Domestic Violence.  The essence is a personal criminal act by one person upon another with whom there is a family or household relationship. A domestic battery is a battery involving family or household members. Family or household members[1] are related by blood or marriage, former […]

ICE Agent Lawsuit Asserts Obama Dream Act Policy Is Illegal

On June 15, 2012 President Obama announced that his administration would stop deportation of certain classes of illegal aliens.  The question arises:  does he have the constitutional authority to execute such a policy?  Agents of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and theState of Mississippi believe he does not. In a June 15 White House statement, President […]

Article II of the US Constitution: Election & Powers of the US President

The President of the United States is considered to be the most powerful individual in the world. The principal source of this power is Article II of the US Constitution. Article II outlines term of office, the selection, the qualifications, the oath, the powers of appointment, the responsibilities and provisions for impeachment. This is done […]