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Jason Brown

About Jason Brown

Jason A Brown currently works for a Department of Defense contractor at a clinic in Brandon Florida. He is currently in Pediatrics but has also worked Family Health. Aside from working full time Jason is also doing online classes part time with Saint Leo University pursuing a BA in Criminal Justice/Homeland Security. With a full time job, part time classes, a wife and 12 year old daughter, Jason still finds time to educate people on America’s founding document the US Constitution, through his writing, as it is one of his passions.

Control Theory

         Control theory is a school of thought that has been used in the field of criminology for the better part of a century.  This theory is based on the idea that conformity cannot be taken for granted, thus crime and delinquency that occurs within an area or community, should be expected if social controls […]

The Case For Criminal Justice Reform

  Criminal Justice reform needs to happen, and the First Step Act is just the “first step” to creating a system that is more consistent, economical, and more importantly, effective in dealing with the problem and its root cause. Law enforcement always makes the argument that they go after the dealers, but if you walk […]

Operational Planning At The Local Level For Potential Terrorist Threats

            Preparing a local community or state for the aftermath of a terror attack is unthinkable and difficult to do when one is cognizant of the enormity of such an event, and how it changes the American way of life in the years following. It is something that no one […]

The Democrat Party has been compromised

    What does one do when almost half of voting age citizens, condone lawlessness and encourages more of it on a daily basis? This is what is happening in America today. The US Constitution is the supreme law of the land, but we have one of two major political parties that encourages not only […]

The Media is Lying to You About the 14th Amendment

  Enough with the twisting of the 14th Amendment. We are going to break this down right now to clear things up. The 14th amendment was an amendment that had a very specific purpose and it was necessary after the Civil War as the nation was in the midst of reconstruction.   Before the 14th amendment, an […]

Article VI: The Supremacy Clause

  Article VI of the US Constitution is used often by government officials and pundits, when they are trying to justify significant federal power grabs. Since 9/11, we have seen many runs on constitutional rights through legislation that chooses to arbitrarily decide which rights need to go, so that they (Uncle Sam) can keep us […]

Federalism, Separation of Powers, and Judicial Independence

       Federalist #78 highlights the importance of judicial independence, and the role that it plays in our nation’s system of checks and balances. Alexander Hamilton believed that the court needed to be independent in order to have the authority and ability to shut down legislation that gives the federal government extraconstitutional authority through the usurpation […]

Unconstitutional Federal Overreach

In the last 100 years, we have seen the federal government go from a constitutional republic, to a bureaucratic nightmare. What we once recognized as constitutional authority, or authority that has been enumerated to one of the three branches of government to provide the checks and balances that make up the very foundation of America […]

Destruction of Freedom at the Hands of Bipartisan Hypocrisy

What separates liberals from conservatives? Where is the line that separates the two ideologies? Conservative and liberal are broad terms, and I do not doubt that there are conservatives and liberals out there that love freedom and liberty. I firmly believe that parties exist to put all of us into a box, and promote partisan […]

Kavanaugh, Chaos and the 17th Amendment

 I have always attempted to draw attention to the 17th amendment, and the deleterious effect that it has had on the country since its ratification.   How many people that you encounter on the street, would know what the 17th amendment is?   I would have to say that the number would be low, especially since most Americans cannot name […]