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Curt Clawson Meet & Greet April 8 4-6 PM Colonial Country Club

Join us this Tuesday, April 8 from 4-6 PM Colonial Country Club  Meet Congressional Candidate Curt Clawson The April 22 Special Primary Election for Congress will be upon us soon. Take this chance to meet and visit with Curt Clawson  Learn about his economic growth plan and commitment to the Constitution.  Curt has appeared on Constitutionally Speaking and […]

Natural Law and the Legitimate Authority of the United States

Government needs a basis to exercise authority over people. Citizens must accept government authority.  A government lacking acceptance of the people over whom it exercises authority will not endure.  Such acceptance comes from fear, tradition or philosophy. Dictators obtain authority by instilling fear of disobedience in the populace. A theocracy ordained by God arises from […]