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Medical “Experts”, Faulty Data, And Assumptions, Driving Economic Shutdown

The so-called “medical experts” are now responsible for completely shutting down the US economy. President Trump has said that he is following the lead of his medical consultants on the coronavirus task force. However, Trump is not to blame here because he is using consultants that have specialized knowledge because this is not his area of expertise. He must be commended for realizing that this is outside of his specialized knowledge base. This kind of humility is difficult to find in Washington D.C. in this day and age of government corruption.

Just as Trump has his strengths and weaknesses, these so called “medical experts” are oblivious to the economic impact of this shut down as millions are driven to the unemployment line. Trump is not locking down the country using Federal authority, he is leaving the call to governors of states which is how it should be.  This is a nod to the founders and the concept of federalism. Trump is however, issuing guidelines that the states are using to draft their own individualized coronavirus policies. These guidelines are being dictated by members of the White House’s task force medical team. As a result, we are pursuing a shortsighted approach to a solution here while people are locked down in their homes and restricted as to where they can go that is deemed essential, this is including curfews in some states, under threat of arrest for non-compliance.   Local law enforcement agencies have even arrested pastors for holding church services. I cannot think of anything that is more un-American that prohibiting a gathering in a church, while other so-called “essential” businesses remain open and are not harassed.

What is an expert? I think that expertise in a particular field is relative.   The use of such a word is subjective and in many cases, self-professed. Even if an individual has a degree in a respective field, I think that it is safe to say with our indoctrination model that dominates our education system, that a college degree is not associated with the level of prestige that it once was. We have some recent college graduates that are worthless, have no job skills, and the only thing that they are qualified to be upon graduation, is a liberal activist/community organizer.   So what is an expert, and if they are an expert by way of academia, how much legitimacy does that give them? Are experts immune to corruption? Does intelligence excuse individuals when there are adverse effects that result from seemingly good intentions? Does a college degree amount to increased intelligence? These are some things to think about.

Let’s say that we can establish expertise and intellect as it relates to the medical field and infection control. Is this intellect driving the current shut down? No, we are looking only at models that are generated by a computer. We have shut down our economy because a computer spit out a bunch of numbers using entered data that may or may not be faulty, overstated, or understated. So, it is not Fauci and Birx that are dictating the direction of the country, it is a computer making guesses based on assumptions. This is not unlike the global warming hoax that drums up similar degrees of mass hysteria using the same kind of computer models. We have to take a close look at what we are doing here and verify that our data is not being dictated by R2D2 and C3PO.

American government has converted the concept of a crisis to weaponized form and the ignorance that plagues the masses eliminates any potential resistance to the revocation of constitutional rights, when it is presented a part of a “keep Americans safe” campaign in the face of a crisis like 9/11, COVID-19, or the like. Government/Media propaganda and mass ignorance, as we see today, are toxic to the cause of liberty.


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Jason A Brown currently works for a Department of Defense contractor at a clinic in Tampa Florida. He is currently in Pediatrics but has also worked Family Health. Aside from working full time Jason also possesses a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice/Homeland Security. With a full time job, a wife and 13 year old daughter, Jason still finds time to educate people on America’s founding document, US history, and the US Constitution, through his writing, as it is one of his passions.