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The Allure Of Socialism Is Also Its Fatal Flaw.






There is a reason why young people are drawn to Bernie Sanders and his socialist policies. We have a young generation that is looking to make a difference, and being a revolutionary is the choice that many of them are making when it comes to contributing to change the world, starting with fundamentally changing America. Barack Obama called for this fundamental change in 2008 when he first ran for President, but there was one major difference. Obama advocated for some socialist policies and bigger government but he was not open about the communist influences that drove his political motivations. His mentor as a youth, Frank Marshall Davis was a self-professed communist and with the absence of Barack’s father, Davis was an influential role model to the future President. President Obama was not openly supporting communism. He was indirectly pushing this ideology without making it evident to the average person.


Bernie is in your face, and he is openly praising communist regimes like Cuba, Venezuela, and he is not shy about the fact that his honeymoon was spent in the Soviet Union. Not so long ago, these things would do more than raise a few eyebrows. The Rosenbergs were executed as a result of accusations that they were spying for the Soviet Union and providing the Soviets with secret US information about nuclear weapon designs, radar, and jet propulsion engines. What happened to the fear the Americans use to have of communism and its influence?


So, Bernie appeals to young people that are looking to upset the apple cart, just as Trump appealed to a large audience in 2016 that wanted the political corruption to stop. Bernie has no understanding of economics or markets in general and the issues that he sets out to “solve” are non-issues that are built on a foundation of false premises while feeding off the ignorance of the American people. His solutions for the perceived problems that he says that we have in America, are one dimensional and are usually based on straw man arguments that are made in the absence of understanding how the system works. To illustrate my point, here is an example: Socialists say “I don’t make enough money to pay my bills”. Bernie’s solution is a 15 dollar an hour minimum wage.


More money per hour means more income, right? It is this oversimplification of a complex issue that makes the socialist argument a pipe dream. So the government requires that businesses raise their minimum wage to 15 dollars an hour, and immediately that business will have to raise prices and/or cut the hours of current employees or lay people off because they are operating within a budget. Prices are likely to go up everywhere because businesses have to adjust the price of their product to meet the needs of their budget to cover the increase in overhead. That overhead cost increases substantially because they are having to pay more out to workers for a fraction of the work. But all of this is assuming that the business in question can make such drastic changes without shuttering their doors. The socialist argument here is that these big businesses can afford to pay more because they pay their executives including the CEO too much. Once again, an answer that sounds good on the surface, but is flawed because it does not take into consideration cause and effect that is inherent in the market.


There is however, another fatal flaw here. 99.6% of employer firms are classified as small businesses. A small business is a privately owned business with a small number of employees. This means that over 99% of employers are not large corporations with rich CEO’s and many of these firms struggle to make it work, and many cannot make it work and they have to close. This is the problem with the big business argument. Corporations that make billions are the exception not the rule. Using corporations as justification for an increase in the federal minimum wage is literally throwing out the baby with the bath water. But this is not addressed because most people do not have any knowledge of markets or economics, and also the fact that media outlets will not call Bernie out on the fact that holes can be shot through his argument all day long without much effort or knowledge. This is due to the fact that his position is shortsighted and does not take into account the chain reactions that are set into motion when government tries to interfere in commerce to this extent.


Placing an undue burden on businesses hinders growth and employment and it solves nothing, it only makes things worse. This is just a taste of the ideology that Bernie is going to be putting front and center over the next few months. The issues of the day cannot always be solved through simple means, but our intent and subsequent solutions cannot ignore market reality and a basic understanding of how commerce regulates itself if allowed to operate freely with minimal government intrusion. Bernie Sanders is trying to sell something to the American people. The product that he is attempting to sell, has been purchased by many a society over the last century and they had to find out the hard way, that it was a defective product at best, and deadly at worst. If one desires socialism they can cast a vote for it at the polls, if one wants to break free of socialism they have to shoot their way out. Let’s not put ourselves in that position. Study history, and educate yourself on the relevant issues of the day, economic, political, even spiritual, so that you are not easily fooled by


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