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The future of NATO?

President Trump has expressed interest in utilizing NATO forces in the Middle Eastern region to deal with problem children like Iran and to continue beating back terrorists in the region. While this sounds like a great idea on paper, it may not be realistic when it comes to implantation of such plan. NATO was formed at a time when the member countries had a common interest in providing a counterweight to Soviet armies in central and eastern Europe post WWII.

Head of the Table

These countries were united by a common goal, and motivated by similar interests. Today, we have countries like France and Germany that are openly welcoming terrorists into their countries and allowing them to commit violent crimes. If that weren’t bad enough, many times they will not even be arrested because the authorities do not want to be given the Islamophobia label. NATO member Turkey, has been acting in its own interest, as it is led by tyrannical dictator Erdogan.  Turkey even went so far as to ban German troops from Incirlik AFB at one point. In order for NATO to be used for any purpose, the member states must be on the same page and they must feel like they are sharing a mutual benefit from the alliance. European NATO member states will not even acknowledge Islamists as terrorists as they voluntarily allow them to invade and promote chaos in their countries. How does NATO stand against terrorism abroad, ISIS, Iran, and the like, when they will not even recognize it at home? The European Union has neutered once great countries like those mentioned above, and they have created a politically correct, pro-Islamic, group think mentality that has made those countries vulnerable to Islamic opportunists looking to exploit infidels in their own backyard. This idea to utilize NATO is a good idea, but in order to implement it appropriately and have positive results, all members must be on the same page and working toward a common goal. The influence of the EU on many of the NATO member states, has had a negative effect as they have replaced national identity with globalist allegiance. This allegiance does not benefit the people of these countries or their allies.


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