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David Shestokas earned his B.A. in Political Science from Bradley University in 1975 and his Juris Doctor from The John Marshall Law School, cum laude, in June of 1987. In 1986-87 he served on The John Marshall Law Review. He studied law at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland.

Mr. Shestokas has been admitted to practice law before the Illinois Supreme Court in 1987, the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois in 1988, the Supreme Court of Florida in 2004, and the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida in 2006.

Mr. Shestokas founded the Law Office of David Shestokas in November, 1987. After practicing in areas such as criminal defense, corporate law, real estate, and business financing, he later served as Assistant State’s Attorney for the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office in Chicago, IL, from 1994 to 1998, involved in over 10,000 criminal prosecutions. During that time he also worked on the Felony Review Unit, participating in police investigations and making charging decisions in over 400 felony matters.

In 1992, after the Republic of Lithuania regained its independence from the Soviet Union, Shestokas joined attorneys of Lithuanian heritage from around the world as a member of the First World Congress of Lithuanian Lawyers. The Lithuanian President, government officials, and the Lithuanian Bar worked with that Congress to restore the rule of law and a constitutional government after four generations of Soviet occupation.

Along with volunteering at the Salvation Army providing pro bono legal services for the homeless, David has also given his time at the Quality Life Center to educate at-risk youth about the values ingrained in America’s Founding.

Attorney David Shestokas earned his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Bradley University and his Juris Doctor from the John Marshall Law School.  He is licensed to practice law in Illinois and Florida.

He has served as an Assistant State’s Attorney for Cook County and is currently a Hearing Officer for the Chicago Board of Elections.

In 1990 he was the Republican Nominee for United States Congress in IL 5th Congressional District and understanding the importance of local offices and elections,  he served 8 years as Lemont Public Library Trustee. In 2016, in Broward County FL working with the Trump/Rubio campaign he discovered 150,000 ballots that had been opened illegally in secret behind locked doors.

From October 22 to November 26, 2020 he was in Pennsylvania as part the Lawyers for Trump team.  In that time he organized 70+ ballot processing observers in Allegheny County (Pittsburgh),  interviewed and verified information from whistleblowers, conducted provisional ballot hearings as the president’s representative before electoral boards, collected and classified over 300 affidavits regarding election irregularities from both PA and MI, attended federal court in Williamsport, PA with Mayor Giuliani and his team, and testified before the Pennsylvania Senate Committee hearing in Gettysburg on the day before Thanksgiving.

From candidate to counselor to law enforcement official, Dave has been involved in elections and election law for over 30 years, most recently with the National Republican Senatorial Committee in Georgia, and working with Judicial Watch as counsel in Illinois Conservative Union v. Illinois State Board of Elections.

He is the author of two books, Creating the Declaration of Independence and Constitutional Sound Bites.Available on Amazon in print and Kindle.

His latest book, Creating the Declaration of Independence,  takes you into the minds of Richard Henry Lee, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson in the weeks before July 4, 1776. Experience Lee’s trepidation as he knows when he proposes American Independence to the Second Continental Congress that he is literally risking beheading. Join Adams and Jefferson at City Tavern as they begin crafting the Declaration and follow the story of how Jefferson came to reluctantly draft the Declaration when few others, including Adams thought that Jefferson’s assignment was important. You’ll even learn a shortcut Jefferson used to craft a document of such immortality on such short notice and how that short cut affects the work of the Supreme Court today.

He has worked with Dr. Berta Isabel Arias on the Spanish language translation of Constitutional Sound Bites: Cápsulas Informativas Constitucionales . This work represents, in a format that modern media consumers prefer, a long tradition of informing citizens about the country’s founding documents in their native languages. In 1787, fully one third of Pennsylvania’s residents were German speakers. Accordingly, of the 4500 copies of the proposed Constitution that legislature ordered, 1500 were printed in German. Everyone understands important ideas best in their native language, and Cápsulas Informativas Constitucionales recognizes the growing importance of making available crucial aspects of America’s Founding and Heritage to this growing community of Spanish speakers in America.

Check out the archived constitutional discussions that Dave had on Haus Rules with Michael Hausam at Constitutional Sound Bites, Category: History.

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David J. Shestokas, Attorney at Law and Author


David J. Shestokas, Attorney at Law, Lemont, IL & Fort Myers, FL November, 1998-present, General Practice of Law: business transactions, real estate, wills, estates, domestic relations, criminal defense, election law, contracts, corporate, real estate & business financing.

David J. Shestokas, Attorney at Law, Lemont, IL, November, 1998-February, 2002

Partner:  Shestokas & Raines, Lemont & Chicago, IL February, 2002-October, 2009 Managing Partner, general practice law firm. Trial attorney, recruitment staff & associates, business development, marketing, internet management.

David J. Shestokas, Attorney at Law, Fort Myers FL October, 2009 – March, 2013 

Of Counsel, The Economic Recovery Group, Winter Park, FL, March, 2013 to present. Law Firm devoted to assisting businesses and individuals with damage recovery from the BP Gulf Oil Spill. 

Author:  Cápsulas Informativas Constitucionales, Published November, 2015, First Spanish language book devoted to the Founding documents of the United States. Constitutional Sound Bites, Published December, 2015, companion English edition with answers to over 150 questions about the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights. Creating the Declaration of Independence, Published, June, 2017.

Radio Host: Constitutionally Speaking: WGUF, Naples, FL November, 2013 – April, 2014.  America’s Talk Radio Network, Tampa, FL December, 2014 to September, 2015. Weekly radio program focused on discussions and education about the US Constitution. 

Feature Writer, Law Crime & Justice, August, 2008 – October, 2012, Suite101.com, Feature writer for online magazine in the area of Law, Crime & Justice. Over 150 articles published including a series discussing each Article and Amendment of the US Constitution.

Constitution and Legal Education and News, October, 2012 –Present, Principal writer and developer of website devoted to Constitutional and legal education.

De Los Estados Unidos, November, 2015 –Present http://www.delosestadosunidos.comPrincipal writer and developer of first Spanish language website devoted to United States Constitutional and legal education. 

Assistant State’s Attorney, February, 1994 – November, 1998, Cook County State’s Attorney Office, Chicago, IL, Criminal Prosecutions:  trial attorney in over 10,000 criminal prosecutions.  November, 1995 – October, 1996, Felony Review, provided legal advice to police agencies, aided in investigations and approved criminal charges in over 400 felony matters. Served also in: Traffic, Juvenile Justice, & Child Protection.

Legal Instructor, May, 1995 – June, 1996, American Institute for Paralegal Studies at Lewis University, Romeoville, IL, Spring & Summer, 1995, Instruction of paralegal students in legal research, writing of legal memoranda and criminal law.

Moraine Valley Community College, Palos Hills, IL, Spring, 1996 Instruction of college students in the Legal Environment of Business.

Attorney at Law, November, 1987 – February, 1994, Law Office of David Shestokas, Chicago, IL General Practice

Project Director, February, 1993 – November, 1993, George S. May International Co., Park Ridge, IL. Design & implementation of consulting projects involving organization, sales, manufacturing, profit and expense controls.  Projects directed included:  vending, computer sales/service, asbestos abatement, home renovation, steel fabrication, and diversified cooperatives.  Locations in the Midwest, Southeast and Canada. 

President, CEO, May, 1980 – November, 1991; General Counsel, November, 1987 -November, 1991; General Manager, June, 1975 – May, 1980, Shestokas Distributing, Inc., Chicago, IL, Managed beverage distribution firm. Acquired rights to foreign & domestic beverages; negotiated union contracts; increased business over 300% in three year period; marketed company for 10 times net worth.


The John Marshall Law School, Chicago, IL, Juris Doctor, cum laude, June, 1987. Staff Member, John Marshall Law Review, 1985-87; Order of John Marshall, 1987; Honors Legal Writing, 1985.

University of San Diego School of Law, San Diego, CA, Institute on International and Comparative Law at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, Summer, 1986.

University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, The Presidential Classroom for Young Americans, certificate, 1977.

Bradley University, Peoria, IL. Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, May, 1975 (Business Minor, Language Studies: Russian) Dean’s List, 1974-75 


The Illinois Supreme Court, November, 1987, The United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, May, 1988,The Supreme Court of Florida, February, 2004. The United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida, May, 2006.


Law Practice Management, John Marshall Law School, January-March, 1999, 1999 Illinois Nursing Law, Southwest Seminars Assn., April, 1999, College of Trial Advocacy, University of Illinois, July, 2001. Practicing with Professionalism, Florida State University, May, 2004, Spanish Language & Culture Studies, Joliet Junior College, Havana, Cuba, June, 2004, Spanish Immersion Studies, Intercultura Costa Rica, Heredia & Samara, Costa Rica, May, 2005, Commercial Litigation, St. Petersburg Bar Association, September, 2005, Family Law, Lee County Bar Association, March, 2006, Appellate Practice, Lee County Bar Association, May, 2006, Masters of DUI, The Florida Bar, Miami, January, 2008, Representation from Main St. to Wall Street, The Florida Bar, Orlando, June, 2009, Electronic Discovery Practices, The Florida Bar, Orlando, June, 2009, Case Management and Malpractice, St. Petersburg Bar Association, September, 2009. Update on Florida Law 2010, Lee County Bar Association, Sept., 2010, Survey of Florida Law, Lee County Bar Association, January, 2011, Baker Act Training, Florida Bar Association, April, 2012, Small Firm Marketing, Lee County Bar Association, August, 2013, Spanish Immersion Studies, Intercultura, Heredia & Samara, Costa Rica, August, 2013, Publishing and Publicity Workshop 2014, Bradley Communications, Philadelphia, PA, December, 2014 Election Law Update 2016, Republican National Lawyers Association, Chicago, IL October, 2016


Active on social media platforms related to website, radio program and books. Social community developed: Twitter accounts (followers): @Shestokas: 113,887.  @Dave4FtMyers: 68,520 @Constitution89: 57,741; @CapsulasInfo: 38,657; Facebook accounts (friends, likes, members):  David J. Shestokas: 4,958; David J. Shestokas, Atty. at Law: 2,784; Constitutionally Speaking:  1,739; Dave Shestokas on the Constitution: 6,151; LinkedIn account:  3,545 connections, Google+ account:  3,268 circlesTotal community:  301,250 


Conflicts Counsel, Circuit Court of Cook County, Juvenile Division, January, 1999 -December, 2004.  Chicago Bar Assn., In Court Referral Attorney, September, 1999 – December, 2005  Arbitrator, Circuit Court of Cook County, January, 1999 – December, 2005.

Lemont Public Library Board Trustee, Lemont, IL, April, 1995 – June, 2004; President, May 2001 – June, 2004;  Vice-President, May, 1995 – April, 1997 & May, 1999 – May, 2001;  Treasurer, May, 1997 – April, 1999.

Baltic Bar Association, Member, 1991 – 2009; President, April, 1998 – April, 2005.

First World Congress of Lithuanian Lawyers, Vilnius, Lithuania. Summer, 1992, presented “Ethics in Government” and participated with attorneys of Lithuanian heritage from around the world in consultations on Lithuanian Constitutional issues following the fall of communism. Participated in rule of law training for the Lithuanian legal community.

Lemont Law Enforcement Association, Member, February, 1998; Vice-President, April, 1998 – May, 1999; President, May, 1999 – May, 2000, Chairman, Public Relations, May, 2000 – February, 2004. Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce of America, President, December, 2000 -2005; Member, September, 1997 – 2005; General Counsel, July, 1998 – 2005; Director, October, 1998 – 2005.

Realtors of South/Southwest Chicago, Downers Grove, IL, Associate Member, Contributing Author on Real Estate Issues to The Insider, March, 2005 – May, 2006

Lemont Township Board of School Trustees, Member, August, 1998 – August, 1999.

Republican Candidate for United States Congress, 13th Dist., IL September, 1997- March, 1998  Republican Nominee for the United States Congress, 5th Dist., IL, March – November, 1990. Fort Myers News Press, Guest Opinions: 12/2/09: Congress Lacks Authority to Force People to Buy Insurance; 12/19/09: Warming Treaty Does Not Give Up US Sovereignty; 1/14/10: Democrats Want to Reform Health Care Before January 19; 1/30/10: Supreme Court Decision Affirms Values of First Amendment

Author, Get Your Illinois Suspended Driver’s License Back, November, 2008

Salvation Army of Lee and Hendry Counties, pro bono legal services for homeless, 2009-10

Judge, 20th Judicial Circuit Mock Trial Competition, Spring, 2011; Spring 2012

Save America Foundation, Writer on Constitutional Issues, May, 2011 to December, 2012

Fort Myers Lions Club, Member, November, 2010 to November. 2012

Laboratory Theater of Florida, Member, Board of Directors, July, 2011 to November, 2012

Lee County Chamber of Commerce, Member, June, 2010 to June, 2014

Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Southwest Florida, Member, June, 2010 – June, 2014

Constitutional Instructor, Quality of Life Center, Fort Myers, FL August, 2013- February, 2014

Ave Maria University and Florida Gulf Coast University, Constitution Day Speaker: Relating the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, September 17, 2015

Author, Constitutional Sound Bites, Volume One, January, 2015; Volume Two, March, 2015; Volume Three: The Bill of Rights, May, 2015; Cápsulas Informativas Constitucionales, November, 2015; Constitutional Sound Bites, Published December, 2015; Creating the Declaration of Independence, June, 2017.

Sponsor, CPAC 2016

Hines Veteran’s Administration, Hines, IL, National Nurses Week Speaker, Development of Recognition of Nursing as a Profession and Modern Legal Implications, May 6, 2016

Speaker, Young Latino Leadership Summit, St. Charles, IL, June, 2015 and Orlando, FL, July, 2016 Speaker, Heartland Institute, Arlington Hts., IL June, 2016

Ballot Integrity Volunteer, Republican National Lawyers Association, Broward County and Miami, FL, October 25 – November 9, 2016

Featured Speaker, Constitutional Sound Bites at the Heartland Institute, June 22, 2016Bill of Rights Celebration by Citizens for Liberty, Evansville, IN, December 10, 2016; Creating the Declaration of Independence at the Heartland Institute, August 16, 2017.

INTERESTS:  Guitar, Bridge, Backyard Chicken Keeping, United States Constitution


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