Georgia Appeals Court Agrees to Review Willis Disqualification

Emerald Robinson, The Absolute TruthDavid Shestokas represents Pastor Steven Lee, one of the 18 indicted in Fulton County Georgia RICO case with President Donald Trump. Shestokas discusses with Emerald Robinson the decision of the Georgia Court of Appeals agreeing to hear the appeal of Judge McAfee’s decision to not disqualify Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis from prosecuting the case. The decision by the Court of Appeals has implications for the RICO case and the presidential election.

The Court of Appeals had until May 13 to decide whether to accept the appeal.  As this is an “interlocutory appeal” (an appeal during a case rather than after a final decision in the trial court) the choice to hear the appeal by the higher court is discretionary.  David Shestokas discussed the implications of the court of appeals decision with Emerald Robinson on The Absolute Truth found on the Frank Speech Platform. The following video has the detail.


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