US Census 2020 and the current Deep State sponsored invasion.


A federal judge just ruled that the 2020 census may not add a question regarding citizenship. Our judicial system has been hijacked by social justice warriors, old and young, that are using the judicial independence that is referenced in Federalist #78, as an excuse to legislate and deliver wins to the SJW community. This is done with complete disregard for the US Constitution that acts as the supreme law of the land. How does a judge come to a conclusion that we need to have foreigners (non-citizens) represented in congress? That is exactly what is being advocated here, even though the emphasis by the media would have you believe that this is somehow discriminatory, xenophobic, racist, hateful, or any of the other ridiculous terms that the leftists use to justify such lunacy.

As you may or may not know, US House districts and the number of representatives that we have in DC for those respective districts are affected by the census, and if we count foreigners as citizens, then we are shaping congress in such a way that foreigners that are here illegally violating our laws, are getting representation in our federal government. Democrats actively advocate for this while they promote open borders, and fight for amnesty among those illegals that are already here. These same Democrats say that they are worried about foreign interference in our electoral process, but they openly support policies that allow for foreign meddling in our elections. I hate partisan bickering and I hate political parties in general. Much of the division that we see today is the result of an “us or them” political system that has attempts to put electorate into a small ideological box, and urging them very strongly to stay in that box or be labeled a racist, bigot, xenophobe, etc, etc. The two party system thrives on group think, and actively shaming those that don’t fall in line. This is why people hate politics, and whey most of America has tuned out.


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