Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is just the beginning! Communists rising!




Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, also referred to as AOC by some media outlets, has unveiled her Green New Deal and its details. This whole thing is a progressive/socialist nightmare. The term progressive can be used interchangeably with communist, and you don’t have to look any further than purposed progressive policy to make this connection. Socialism = Communism, as the end result is the same. A society elects socialists, and when the socialists have taken over the majority of government, you get communism. Socialism refers to the period of transition, between a free capitalist society, and communism. Socialists run for office and depend on votes so they try to appeal to the masses. Offering free everything to everyone tends to work well when campaigning. These people are elected initially in order to give the usurpation of power legitimacy, by putting up the illusion of what could be misinterpreted as democracy. Ayn Rand summed it up quite nicely when she explained that socialism is voted for by the people, whereas communism is taken by force. When you get to the point where there is a state push for communism, it is too late to stop it from happening because at that point, through socialism the people have completely lost control over their own destiny, due to the voluntary forfeiture of individual rights.

Karl Marx tried to sell communism by instigating class warfare between the haves and the have nots, wealth vs poverty. The reality of communism is that it benefits the wealthy and silences the poor. It does not promote “power to the people”, it takes that power away and gives it to self-appointed oligarchs. The utopia that communism promises is a pipe dream and is not realistic in theory, application, or practice. Now, back to AOC and her Green New Deal. I have heard many conservatives say that she is crazy, and that it is unbelievable that this woman has a degree from Boston University, and a minor in economics. While I’m not going to disagree with any of these observations, we the people have to see this for what it is. This is what we call “education” in the 21st century.

Academia fills young peoples’ heads with this nonsense, and when these kids graduate they try to apply what they learned to the real world, and in this case they are applying an economic system and the so called theory behind it. American universities are doing our kids a disservice by pushing the anti-capitalist/communist agenda without explaining the unintended consequences associated with this ideology. They also ignore the history of communism, all of the people that have been murdered by communist dictators, and the fact that the system has never been utilized or implemented as is portrayed in our educational institutions. This is why we must employ the term “education” very carefully and recognize that a college degree does not make one intelligent. A degree can mean that someone is smart, but it can also mean that the individual is not qualified to be dog catcher. More and more degree programs specializing in branches of social justice exist now, and a career after graduating eludes many of them unless they want to be a full time leftist activist. There are many college degrees that are very relevant and functional, and I am not trying to knock a college education but I feel like I have to point out that our academic institutions have gotten into the business of teaching young people what to think, instead of teaching them how to think, and how to implement logical reasoning and analysis of data to come to a conclusion.

AOC is only employing the logic that was taught to her in school. America had better wake up and realize that if we continue to allow the Marxist products of the 1960’s run the universities, we are going to have the House of Representatives and the US Senate filled with AOC type communist revolutionaries. There is a point of no return and we are fast reaching that point, especially if we allow institutional communism in America to continue to educate our children. Your representatives in Washington DC and your state/local government, are only as good as the ideology of the majority of your electorate. If our children are taught that America unjust and that we have to give up our sovereignty and liberty in the name of fairness and safety, then we will throw away everything that our founding fathers fought and died for. America’s youth will be our undoing, if we continue to promote communism and refer to the teaching of this ideology as education. A piece of paper does not mean that you are intelligent, or that you wield superior intellect. These things can only be established by demonstrating the ability to reason, think for yourself, and come to your own conclusions, without any persuasive outside voice to make you second guess yourself. America is experiencing an intellectual decline and it has been going on for decades. It has to be fixed now, or we risk losing the republic.


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