Democrats to self-destruct in 3…2…1..

Something occurred to me today. I was thinking about the fact that the accusations by Democrats directed at the President and even those directed at Justice Kavanaugh, are impossible to substantiate. These accusations are being made decades after the fact, or they are being brought to light through “anonymous sources”. Then I realized that this is by design. Democrats are not trying to prosecute the President or Kavanaugh in a court of law, they are trying to indict them in the court of public opinion. Each attempt is more desperate than the last, but this tactic is starting to lose its effectiveness because they have been wrong so many times now consecutively, that they are basically crying wolf with every new accusation of collusion, abuse of power, obstruction of justice, etc. What is the reason for this? Let’s connect the dots here, if you are going to make false accusations in order to sway public opinion, you will craft them in such a way, that there is no possibility that anyone could ever disprove it because the accuser and/or the event is so far removed from the accusation itself, there is no available evidence to dispute the public charges and there is no one with first-hand knowledge to question. In other words, you cannot dispute accusations that are made by a ghost. But in this case, the public is the jury and you only have to give the illusion that wrongdoing was a factor in order to plant that seed in the minds of Americans.


The MeToo movement has had the same problem with women coming forward with accusations of sexual harassment, and the dilemma that presents itself to feminists, when you have to decide whether the claim is credible or if the woman’s story has holes that need to be look at closely. I goes back to “the boy who cried wolf” and the societal consequences that take a toll on a people when accusers are not 100% truthful in the reporting assault. I cannot think of anything more terrible than having to put a woman that has been sexually assaulted under scrutiny when she is being truthful, and she should always be given the benefit of the doubt initially. But the fact that we tend to raise an eyebrow with sexual assault accusations, is sad but also very necessary given the current climate. Democrats are making false accusations as they attempt to overturn the 2016 election results by any means necessity. There is so much criminality in our Federal Government at this point, and the only man that is intent on cleaning it up, is up against Uncle Sam, all the alphabet soup agencies, bureaucrats, and globalists that are hell bent on creation of a new world order. The Democratic Party has no credibility and their status as a major political party is at risk, as they are on the path to joining the Whig Party as the expansion of this “new” Democratic party continues to pick up steam, threatening to push JFK Democrats that are left, to the fringe while increasing support for socialism, bringing in a reformation of the second major political party. Same name, but a toxic ideology pushing class warfare and condemnation of capitalism and corporations. You are witnessing the implosion of the Party of slavery, racism, and the butchering of infants. Good Riddance!

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