President Trump does not require detailed analysis. What you see is what you get!


Even President Trump’s diehard supporters, are quick to give up and start to lose hope when POTUS does something that they do not agree with or something that appears to go against campaign promises or seems like it will have an adverse effect on the country as a whole. I don’t know why people have not figured this man out yet, whether they are part of the radical leftists, the never Trumper Republicans, supportive Republicans, or those that sit on the fence, no one should be in the dark when it comes to knowing where Trump’s head is at when he is making decisions. For about the first year (2017) POTUS would do something, or announce that he is going to do X or Y, and I would do an immediate facepalm while thinking to myself “what in the heck is he doing?” However, after that first year I began to realize something. I started to notice that every time he did anything that seemed questionable, when you eventually saw the end result, or the 180 that he does at the last minute, you realized that everything that he was doing was calculated and with specific purpose.

Trump supporters like to use the 4D chess analogy when referencing how smart he is and how he is always two or three steps ahead of the Dems and the Deep State. It drives lefties crazy to think that Trump is outsmarting and outworking those that oppose him, while the Democrats and Deep State operatives continue to chase their tail. This intuitive gift that Trump has, allows him to use persuasion as he trolls the media and his DC detractors, through outlets like Twitter, and his massive rallies that he holds in key cities and states, as he strives to keep everyone informed while dodging the media that is so eager to report anything that is negative. Truth is not a prerequisite for a headline or a story in general if it seems to damage Trump and his image. Most of us can see through this dishonesty but I’m sure that some people are still influenced by it. Good economic news is ignored, and other positive things that have happened during his two years so far as president have also been buried as the Deep State looks to cripple him. Trump prevents the media from spinning his intentions, and his words, by tweeting exactly what he is thinking. This does not allow the media to mischaracterize Trump’s words. Why does the media and other Trump opponents want him to stop tweeting? Because it takes away their power and influence.

President Trump is not difficult to understand, what you see is what you get. Sometimes it doesn’t happen right away, but it always comes with time and may be packaged slightly different. He got elected because he was promising to be a wrecking ball and dismantle the DC machine. He is doing just that, and DC oligarchs do not like it. They are fighting tooth and nail, but they cannot seem to pin him down. I do not think for a second that Trump is anywhere near perfect, as he is human, just like the rest of us. However, I have become very reluctant to criticize anything he does at first, because I realize that he plays a long game and that one must allow everything to fall into place before judging or criticizing. The other thing that makes it easier for me, is that I am not a Republican or Democrat, so I am able to assess issues and policy decisions from a non-partisan perspective. I do not fall into a designated political box, that is created by the globalists, common sense and an analyzing of facts and circumstances, guide my decision making. I am not a slave to emotion. Reactionary legislation, or expansion of government bureaucracy that is implemented in the face of a perceived disaster or crisis, has set America back and has allowed for incremental usurpations of unconstitutional authority under the guise of safety and protection of America and its people. Trump is Trump, and he is easy to understand if you ditch the partisan blue or red goggles that prevent you from seeing and acknowledging the truth. Listen to what he says and understand that he is not beholden to anyone other than the American people. He is not in DC to make friends, he is there to do his job. Everything he has done up until now shows you exactly where his allegiance rests. In the meantime, trust the plan, continue to think logically, and for yourself. WWG1WGA


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