Western culture and its refusal to see the reality of Islamic origins, could prove fatal.

Just a few years ago we saw a push for this Islamic caliphate, as ISIS started to gain control of strategic locations in a handful of Middle Eastern countries. Cities like Mosul were taken over, due to the vast resources that they had to offer. This included manufacturing and natural resources. ISIS was systematically going from location to location and seizing sovereign land as they attempted to build a third caliphate. This conquest ideology is the very root of Islam, as a religion and as a political system. The Ottoman Empire ended almost 100 years ago, but the Islamic interest in building a so called caliphate has endured as evidenced by this recent push by ISIS, and the more recent desire of the Turkish President Erdogan. The criticism of Islam is based on the fact that that the religion was founded as a conquest ideology, and it was focused on converting the masses, by force if necessary, by threatening death if there was not compliance and acceptance of Sharia law.

Mohammed became more and more extreme as time went on, and the violence and killing increased as well. Christians believe that the Bible is absolute and eternal, and should not be interpreted differently or changed with the times, or with societal shifts. This is the nature of religion, as religious ideology is generally set in stone, and not subject to interference by imperfect beings. Christianity uses the New Testament as its primary reference, and recognizes the Old Testament as a supplement when referencing creation, fulfillment of prophecy, etc. The peaceful nature of Jesus and his passivity in the face of persecution and death, along with the fact that he prayed for those that put him to death, reveals the overall theme of Christianity, love and free will. The word Islam itself means “submission”, or in a theological sense, submission to god, and the conquest aspect of this belief system, along with believers’ willingness to commit acts of violence to force non-Muslims to bend to their will in the name of their god shows the true nature of the Islamic ideology as it was founded.

This is not discriminatory, and it is not racist, it is just calling a spade a spade, and acknowledging what is, while shutting down the “religion of peace” narrative. There are self-professed Muslims that are peaceful, and live peaceful lives, but this is not due to the fact that they call themselves Muslims.   It is because they are taught a watered down form of Islam that conceals the origins of the religion and twists Mohammed’s life and teachings. This is the reason why you see so many instances of jihadists killing other Muslims. Muslims that do not subscribe to the violent ideology that Mohammed taught his followers, are accused of blasphemy and are subject to the same fate as other non-believers.

This is why it is so absurd, when you hear someone make the argument that Islam is just like Christianity. The Bible says to love thy neighbor and pray for your enemies, and Quranic scripture does not urge or suggest love or peace for non-Muslims, only fellow Muslims. In other words, such peaceful unity does not exist in Islamic scripture. The Islam as a religion of peace narrative is a pipe dream, and the media continues to present it as truth, and they do so at their own peril. This is a major vulnerability of the western world as continue to push this false narrative.


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