What is behind Democrats’ quick pivot to impeachment?

Why did Pelosi shift, from staunch anti-impeachment to let’s do this? Did she finally give in to the lefty communist freshman, or is it something deeper? Why this sudden shift and need for this immediate removal of the President. My honest opinion, I think that IG Horowitz, Durham with a pedigree in exposing government scum and corruption as prosecutor, and yes, even Huber that fell off the radar but is actively investigating shady dealings and emails of Hillary Clinton. The DOJ IG Horowitz report is going to be released anytime regarding alleged FISA abuse, and that will be damning to many Obama era swamp creatures. Durham will then start indicting those that are left standing after the IG report. The Dems know what’s coming and they have for a while, but I think that there has been something recently that has sent them over the edge. They have realized something in the last week that was not previously known by the DNC establishment. Why else would Pelosi turn on a dime like this? Do you really think that she folded to the crybaby AOC, or mentally disturbed, Rashida Talib? Of course not, there is a sense of urgency now with the hateful Democrats that we have not seen before. They are trying to expedite this, and they are grasping at straws. I wonder if they realize that “there is nothing they can do to stop what is coming”.   That is why they are irrational, because they are so used to being able to control everything, and at this point they have control of nothing, not even their own fate. Don’t forget those tens of thousands of sealed indictments that continue loom over these godless degenerates. Sit tight everyone, and rest assured, Trump is not going anywhere, just sit back and “trust the plan”, and “enjoy the show”.

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