The Democrat Party has been compromised

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What does one do when almost half of voting age citizens, condone lawlessness and encourages more of it on a daily basis? This is what is happening in America today. The US Constitution is the supreme law of the land, but we have one of two major political parties that encourages not only violence against political opposition, but blatant constitutional violations in cases where the supreme law does not align with their bleeding heart ideology. They say it is done in the name of compassion, but how much compassion is shown to a group of people that are deemed “victims” in your eyes? Liberal ideology in this country, usually associated with the Democrat Party creates victim classes of people to serve two purposes, first to give the alleged “victims” the impression that they are there to help them. Second, to separate the perceived group of victims, from the rest of the population, thus driving a wedge between us and our neighbors, friends, and family members. The Democrat Party has been co-opted by communists, and these social revolutionaries have managed to con their way into house and senate leadership, and they are starting to gain support in dark blue states and districts, especially those that are looking to elect new blood, and that youthful look.

The Trojan horse that allowed this infiltration was Barack Obama and his presidency from January 2009 to January 2017. This was the turning point, and it gave the party motivation to take off running to the left without ever looking back. Obama had the most divisive speech that we had ever seen from a US President. He gave the left wing establishment the desire to splinter Americans into multiple factions, as they spewed rhetoric that stoked racial, and political tension that had been there for decades that lacked only the leftist spark to set the country ablaze. This pains me to have to single out a political party, because I hate partisan politics. However, the hatred for America that has been coming from the left in the last decade, has to be called out and exposed. I am not a registered Republican or Democrat, so I show no allegiance to either. But there comes a time, when you have to ditch right and left, for right and wrong. The problem with political parties, is the idea that there has to be some degree of conformity to the party platform. This hinders the individual free thinker, and promotes twisted, perceived obligatory group think that seemingly prohibits “outside the box” intellect. President Obama made Executive overreach the norm as he continued to use the excuse of, “when congress fails to act”, in an attempt to justify his intent to go it alone. This created a public perception, especially among his die hard sycophants, that congress is nothing more than a suggestion. This tactic used by his administration aimed to marginalized congress, to the point where they were deemed insignificant.

The liberal modus operandi holds that the constitution can be altered by mere declaration, or through judicial review.   Both of these assumptions are false. The constitution has an amendment process that is very specific and extremely difficult to implement. This implementation is made difficult for a reason. 2/3 of congress plus ratification by 36 states is needed to send a constitutional amendment to the President for his signature. The Democrat Party is actively working to dismantle the American experiment, and those that still associate themselves with this party, are being complicit in the current move toward sedition, against everything that is America. This is not paranoia and this does not fall into the conspiracy theory category, it is real. Why do we have two governor races in the south that have America hating Democrats on the ticket? Stacey Abrams running for governor of Georgia, was recently exposed when a video emerged, of Ms. Abrams years ago as she took part in the public burning of a Georgia state flag. Why on earth would someone from Georgia vote for a person that publicly sets fire to the state flag? They are trying to infiltrate government so that they can dismantle it from the inside. What about Andrew Gillum, that employs a campaign staffer that referred to Florida as a “Cracker State”, and said that they have to lie to voters to get their vote, while secretly being recorded? Thanks go out to James O’Keefe and Project Veritas for exposing this evil that exists in Gillum’s campaign. This is the new Democrat Party. The new party that Eric Holder was referring to when he said several weeks ago, that “when they go low, we kick them”. Those that are still registered Democrat, need to take a close look at this party and see that this is not the party of compassion, as the party leadership claims. Again, I am not a partisan hack, and anyone that has read any of my material will tell you, that I usually refrain from using party labels when pointing to hypocrisy and evil. The Republican Party is not perfect, but the conservative base that it continues to receive support from loves America, and shows a patriotic love for liberty and freedom. The bad seeds are few and far between, and they tend to be the exception not the rule. The Democrat Party, at least from a leadership perspective, has went full socialist and embraced extremism, and lawlessness as a way to get things done, because the things that they advocate are not currently within legal parameters. The Democrat meltdown that has been on display for the last 2 years, is a result of the election of a President that is trying to restore constitutional order, and the rule of law. The liberal ideology does not align with our American system of law and justice, so anyone that attempts to restore constitutional government is going to be seen as a threat. If you do not see this shift as it is occurring right before your eyes, then you are absolutely not paying attention. America must open its eyes and see what is, if we are going to continue to thrive as a country. Together we are strong, divided we are weak, trust Trump, trust the plan. WWG1WGA



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Jason A Brown currently works for a Department of Defense contractor at a clinic in Tampa Florida. He is currently in Pediatrics but has also worked Family Health. Aside from working full time Jason also possesses a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice/Homeland Security. With a full time job, a wife and 13 year old daughter, Jason still finds time to educate people on America’s founding document, US history, and the US Constitution, through his writing, as it is one of his passions.