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Tom has withstood approximately two dozen duels with the legal system—some voluntary, most not. Being a novice initially, he wasn't very adept, but quickly learned how to turn the tables on the system and beat it at its own game.

He shares with readers what has worked and what has not worked for him when battling in courts in various states. As is mentioned in the book, he has defeated those who are supposed to uphold the law and has never lost to a lawyer when fighting him or her one-on-one within the courts.

Tom is the world's former top-rated fitness model and is a former college and semi-pro athlete. He is also an accomplished commercial model and actor, has an engineering degree, holds a U.S. patent, sponsors two children in foreign countries, is a certified personal trainer, and is coauthoring the health and wellness sequel, Stack the Health Odds in Your Favor, with fellow fitness pro, Susan Baxter, of New Zealand.

Is This the America You Want?

By Sara Naheedy and Tom Scott, Authors of Stack the Legal Odds in Your Favor The Problem One can look anywhere in the world where there is money or power, and corruption can be found rearing its ugly head.  This has been the case throughout history.  It is human nature.  However, any legal system, not […]