House Rules Committee of the Democrat Majority “Fact Sheet” on Impeachment Resolution

The House Rules Committee Democrat Majority has issued a “Fact Sheet” that purports to explain the Resolution regarding the process of the “impeachment inquiry”.  There is only a single “fact” on the whole sheet.  Here are the bullet points of the “Fact Sheet” and the reality of the “facts”.  Following the reality is the “Fact Sheet” itself.  You can read the actual Resolution here and decide for yourself.   For more reading about the purpose of the “impeachment inquiry” check out:  The Pretend House Resolution Regarding the “Impeachment Inquiry”.

Reaffirms the ongoing impeachment inquiry.

This point provides the misleading impression that at some point the House of Representatives have authorized an “impeachment inquiry”. No such inquiry has been authorized by vote of the House.

Ensures transparency.

“Authorizes” House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) means transcripts can be issued at the discretion of Adam Schiff.  The other committees can send reports to Judiciary says nothing about sharing with public.

Enables effective public hearings.

There is no requirement for any public hearings. There might be some if Adam Schiff says OK.

Provides the President opportunities to participate.

At the existing five committees, there are no opportunities for President Trump’s participation.  None of the standard American processes are in place there, and the Judiciary Committee may authorize participation, but reserves the right to terminate that participation.

Directs the Committee on the Judiciary to review the evidence and, if necessary, to report Articles of Impeachment to the House.

This is the only totally true “fact”.  Everything else is false or at best misleading.

Here’s the “Fact Sheet” from the 

House Committee on Rules Democrat Majority


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  1. […] The Resolution is cloaked in fancy language to appear open, transparent and fair. (You can read the Resolution yourself here.)  The Democrats want to look like they’re giving President Trump due process and a chance for his lawyers and Republicans to participate.  They’ve even issued a “fact sheet” that says these things. (You can read that “fact sheet” here.) […]