Champaign Voters Alliance Questions for Illinois Attorney General Candidate Shestokas

The following are the questions  from the Champaign Voters Alliance for the Champaign County Voters’ Guide along with my answers regarding my candidacy for Illinois Attorney General.  The questions are in bold, followed by my answers.   The questionnaire also asked for campaign contact information and that is included as well.  The instructions for response are […]

Q & A From the Chicago Tribune for Attorney General Candidate Shestokas

As a candidate for Illinois Attorney General I receive many questionnaires from the media and public interest groups.  This post has the questions from the Chicago Tribune in bold followed by my answers.  As the Michael Madigan indictment illustrates, corruption remains one of this state’s most pressing, entrenched problems. What should the Illinois attorney general’s […]

David Shestokas for Illinois Attorney General

The Back Story on How I Became A Candidate for Illinois Attorney General                 Read the Story then              Visit the Campaign Site   In early 2019 members of the Illinois Conservative Union (ICU) went to Springfield, IL to obtain voter data from […]

Shestokas for Illinois Attorney General Petitions

David Shestokas is a candidate for Illinois Attorney General.  Illinois residents wishing to help Dave be listed on the June 28, 2022 Republican Primary Ballot can download the petition form at the following link: Shestokas4AG Petition Detailed instructions for circulating petitions are at this link, please read carefully as following the instructions are critical: Shestokas […]