A Return to American Greatness, by Michael J. Dreikorn, Ed.D.

Dr. Michael DreikornAmerica was founded upon the principles of State sovereignty and individual rights. Citizens have rights, and powers are delegated to various governmental entities, by citizens. The role of the federal government is simply to provide for national security, and interstate commerce and safety. In the past century, the role of the federal government morphed from what was intended to be a small and dynamic footprint to what is now a significant and continuous boot placed squarely on the backs of the American people. It’s time for these once great United States of America to return to the basics of government and to once again foster pride in citizenship.

A Return to Greatness

To accomplish our return to greatness, citizens must re-engage in the process of self-governance. Instead of simply assuming elected officials are working on behalf of the best interest of the people, citizens have a non-delegable responsibility to become educated on the issues and to hold elected officials accountable for performance. Unfortunately, our American culture has become soft, and prefers entertainment over enlightenment. How can we expect our government and our nation to improve, if we don’t hold ourselves accountable for being intelligent on issues that matter? We can’t!

We must collectively sound the call for personal accountability. For example, our welfare State has led to a psychological conditioning of many citizens to believe it is their “right” to take from the system, rather than to contribute. This false sense of entitlement must stop if we are to return to a national culture of self-reliance. It’s ironic that political figures and pundits frequently claim that we are running out of money for our social security system and for our military retirees. However, we never hear them say we are running out of money for welfare, federally-funded cellphones, or the rapid increases in food stamp recipients.

Reduction in Entitlement Spending

There is no reason we can’t reduce our national expenditure of entitlements by 50% in 2 years. If and when we do, we come closer to balancing our budget, but more importantly we will push those who are addicted to nationally-funded welfare to stand on their own two feet and to contribute to the system. Our nation needs a serious dose of tough love to become once again sound. Our welfare system was intended as a short-term bridge, not life-long support. To make this happen all we need is strong and determined leadership and the support of citizens that have skin in the game.

Our entitlement culture may be our biggest threat to our national economy, security and culture, and illegal immigration is amplifying that threat. If we truly want to stop the ever increasing flow of illegal immigrants, then we must stop providing them with a means of employment. We don’t need government mandates for personal accountability, we simply need citizens to reliably do their part of the system.

Honesty in E-Verify and Changes in Immigration Policy

If every business person was honest in applying E-Verify, and ensuring all potential employees have a legal employment status, then much of the problem is solved. E-Verify is free and immediate, there is no excuse not to use it. But, we all know that not everybody has a sense of personal accountability, and many will simply game the system for personal gain. So, there must be consequences for those who consciously employ illegals. We must secure our borders and not provide amnesty to those who broke our laws. Integrity in our system of laws and commerce is critical for the assurance of our national existence. If we were to hold ourselves accountable, a big part of the problem would be solved. Unemployment would drop, tax base would increase, and national pride would be off the charts.

However, we need serious changes in our all of our immigration policies. Over the past six decades, we have seen an ever increasing erosion of our national culture. There once was a time when we knew what it meant to be an American. Up until the 1960s, the annual number of “legal” immigrants to the U.S. was approximately 250,000. This number allowed for immigrants to become assimilated to the American way of life, become contributing members of society, and integrate into the American culture. Since the 1960s, the annual number of legal immigrants to the U.S. has grown over one-million. And, coupled with the tens of millions of illegal immigrants we have serious cultural and economic problems that are threatening Americana.

At such a pace of foreign influence, our American culture and society is unsustainable as it is diluted by competing values and beliefs. We no longer assimilate immigrants, but rather are losing sight of our American identity. The United States has no responsibility to maintain open borders for all to enter and to share in the success of those who have sacrificed so much. We need an immediate reform to our immigration policies. America can no longer culturally or financially afford to embrace those who simply wish to come here, if they do not bring value to our society. Our legal immigration policies need to reflect our economic and skill needs, and provide assurance that those who wish to become citizens share our American values. Otherwise, we will no longer be distinctly American.

The Constitution of the United States of AmericaNon-constitutional Spending

Regardless of where you are emotionally on the topics of welfare and immigration, intellectually the data shows that we can no longer financially afford to continue these irresponsible actions. We witness our elected leaders continuing to raise the national debt ceiling and irresponsibly borrowing money from foreign nations. Each time we raise the debt ceiling, we are clearly announcing to the world our national bankruptcy and fiscal incompetency. More borrowing is not the answer – a significant cut in non-constitutional spending is the answer. We cannot continue to allow our nation to flounder in financial ruin. The careless spending has to stop – NOW!

Our current political parties have proven themselves to be inept and self-serving. As a life-long Republican, I am ashamed to admit that I have no confidence in the ability of our party leaders to stand up to the tyranny to which we are being subjected. Federal agencies are applying discretionary enforcement over existing laws, and our president continues to violate the processes of law making and has no respect for the constitutional rights of the citizens.

Stop-Common-Core-PictureHere in Florida, our State legislators continue to infringe on the entrepreneurial spirit of small business, pander to illegal immigrants through in-State tuition, and give away control of our K-12 education to the federal government. It’s time for leadership that has the intestinal fortitude to stand up to this oppression of our rights and will fight to take back this nation. It’s time for citizens to realign many of the powers we have delegate to the government. It’s time for accountability and transparency. It’s time for true conservative leadership – not lip service and absence of spine.

Conservative Values and Pride in Service

I am running for the honor to represent the people of Southwest Florida, District 30, in the Florida State Senate. As a grassroots candidate, I offer substance over flash, leadership over hype, and results over empty promises. If you are tired of more of the same, then it’s time for you to stand your ground and vote for a conservative grassroots Republican – Michael Dreikorn. My convictions are based in conservative values and pride in service. Please visit my website at www.MichaelDreikorn.com. There you will find my detailed positions on key issues, as well as, completed surveys and signed pledges. I clearly stand for Southwest Florida, the American people, our distinct American culture, and I refuse to give up the fight. Join me on the Dreikorn Express!



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Avatar photo About Michael Dreikorn

As a first generation American, Michael Dreikorn grew up in a household grounded in hard work, determination, and respect. Michael was raised with the convictions that an individual’s word has a direct link to their honor and integrity, and that without honor and integrity a person has little value. Growing up in California, Michael is a product of Governor Reagan’s public school system, at the time one of the best in the nation.

Michael is the author of The Synergy of One. This book outlines the importance of having organizational systems that work and which are complied with; performance measures that are meaningful and measureable; and transformational leadership that is capable to ensure the organizational system sustainably meets consumer requirements.

-Michael Dreikorn, Ed.D.
Veteran, Businessman and Candidate for Florida State Senate (FLSSD30)