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About Michael Dreikorn

As a first generation American, Michael Dreikorn grew up in a household grounded in hard work, determination, and respect. Michael was raised with the convictions that an individual’s word has a direct link to their honor and integrity, and that without honor and integrity a person has little value. Growing up in California, Michael is a product of Governor Reagan’s public school system, at the time one of the best in the nation.

Michael is the author of The Synergy of One. This book outlines the importance of having organizational systems that work and which are complied with; performance measures that are meaningful and measureable; and transformational leadership that is capable to ensure the organizational system sustainably meets consumer requirements.

-Michael Dreikorn, Ed.D.
Veteran, Businessman and Candidate for Florida State Senate (FLSSD30)

A Return to American Greatness, by Michael J. Dreikorn, Ed.D.

America was founded upon the principles of State sovereignty and individual rights. Citizens have rights, and powers are delegated to various governmental entities, by citizens. The role of the federal government is simply to provide for national security, and interstate commerce and safety. In the past century, the role of the federal government morphed from what was […]